Mat Cleaning Tips



We like to think of it like the bottom of a shoe. It is understood it will be used, worn, and even get dirty. Shake off any dirt, grass, sand etc, gently wipe clean with a damp cloth or wipes and gentle cleaner if needed. Use a soapy wet rag to clean specific areas.


Food and dirt marks: We recommend a gentle cleaning spray. Spray the mat down, and scrub with a wet washcloth. With dried-on or sticky foods, you may have to scrape or scrub pretty hard.

Stubborn stains: Baby oil is our go-to for a magic cleaning. Rubbing alcohol may also help with certain stains.

Greasy stains/shiny marks: Get a sponge with soapy water and scrub. Then, wipe it clean with a wet washcloth. 

General Mat Care:

Clean the mat promptly after use with wet rag and soapy water. Some highly pigmented foods, such as wine, spaghetti sauce, etc. may stain your mat. Avoid acrylic paints, markers, and pens and scissors. We are not responsible for ink stains or cuts.

Do not machine wash or iron.

Place in warm sun for an hour or so to remove wrinkles. We also recommend using a hand steamer on the back of the mat to get stubborn wrinkles out. Make sure mat is 100% completely dry before folding to store. We are not responsible for mouldy mats.