Our Faemli Baby Lounger is designed to be used under direct supervision during supervised lounging or tummy time. It is important to be in the same room as your baby when using the Baby Lounger.  

During the night, please ensure safe crib practices. Do not use your lounger in, or in place of a bassinet or cot. The lounger is not recommended for co-sleeping. due to the padded sides.

Please follow the safety guidelines below when using our Baby Lounger:

  • Direct supervision is required at all times when using the Baby Lounger. Never leave your baby unattended in the Baby Lounger.
  • Do not use the Baby Lounger in or in place of a bassinet, cot or moses basket.
  • Always place your baby on their back to sleep while in the Baby Lounger.
  • Do not use loose blankets or swaddles or pillows with the Baby Lounger.
  • Always use the Baby Lounger on a flat, firm and stable surface.
  • Do not place the Baby Lounger on any surface that it could fall from.
  • The Baby Lounger is recommended for babies 0-9m.
  • Do not use the Baby Lounger near a wall or other vertical structure as babies may become entrapped.
  • Keep the Baby Lounger away from any open flames.
  • Always exercise caution when using the Baby Lounger. 


As recommended by Red Nose Guidelines, we believe the safest place for your baby to sleep is on a firm mattress in a bassinet or cot, placed on their back with their head and face uncovered. We do NOT recommend using our Baby Lounger for co-sleeping, overnight sleeping or any period of unsupervised sleep, under any circumstances. Please refer to the Red Nose Guidelines for the latest safe sleeping practices and evidence-based advise on how to keep your baby safe and reduce the risk of sudden infant death.

If you have further questions about Safety Guidelines, please feel free to email us at