All the Ways to Use Your Mats

Photo by @meishaclaire | Blanc Mini pictured

We love our mini mat for its versatility as it's officially our "everything mat".

Here are some of our favourite ways to use the Mini mat:

Over the top of my changing pad.
✨ On the nightstand! Cuter than a coaster and brings some interest to decor.
✨ For the little to paint on and use play dough or any sensory play
✨ As a placemat for both the adults & kids
✨ Under cutting boards for extra grip
✨ Placemat for baking or prepping for meals
✨ Under our coffee maker
✨ As a mousepad when using my laptop
✨ Under our pet's food and water bowl


Motherhood can get super messy and keeping our little ones safe and clean seems consume most of our time. The Medi mat is definitely here to help with the mess of mother hood. It is buttery soft and wipeable, providing a safe space for your littles at home or on the go. It also makes mealtimes and play time much cleaner—simply shake off, wipe down, let dry, and reuse.

Here are some of our favourite ways to use the Medi mat:

✨ Perfect under the high chair to catch all the mess!
✨ Under our potty seat

✨ Tablecloth for the kids table
✨ On the rug for the little ones so it's soft and catches all the drool or spit up.
✨ Tummy time mat while traveling
✨ Picnic mat or beach rug
✨ Under the easel for art sessions
 Under the kids table for sensory play!
✨ Over the carpet for sensory play like play dough—keeps it from sticking in the carpet!
✨ As a mat for a puzzles or any play time.


Our maxi mats are made to for the whole family with maximum versatility in mind but small enough to be portable.

Here are some of our favourite ways to use the Maxi mats:

✨ Beach mat or picnic rug for the whole family

✨ Perfect size for our play rooms or around the home as a play mat
✨ Camping! To have a meal or star gaze
✨ For crafting—the scraps of fabric, paper, thread, etc are so much easier to clean up on the Midi.
✨ Under the sensory play table to catch all the kinetic sand, play dough or even rice!
In the play tent as a mat to snuggle on


Our Mega mat is our largest size, but there are still so many ways to use it. 

Here are some of our favourite ways to use the Mega mats:

✨ Beach mat or picnic rug for the extended family and friends

✨ Makeshift tent!
✨ Camping tarp! To sleep under the stars
✨ Family yoga time!
✨ Large surface for big messy craft projects.
 Play mat for the littles on holidays with a big group



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